Cashmere tube scarf from repurposed man’s sweater vest

A big fashion item in stores and catalogs this fall is the tube scarf or the “infinity” scarf, essentially a circle that you pull over your head. And at up to $175 for a cashmere tube scarf I was eyeing, not a likely addition to my scarf drawer unless I could find something to repurpose.

Man's cashmere vest hanging to dry

Man's cashmere vest hanging to dry

This turned out to be a really easy project. An extra-large man’s cashmere vest, at $2.00 from ARC Thrift, was all I needed. I threw it in the wash despite the dry clean only tag, realizing there are not a lot of dry cleaners on the Mongolian mountains where Kashmir goats reside. [Here are some good instructions for washing cashmere by machine].

After pressing, I cut the sweater bottom off right under the armhole, leaving the ribbing on. I folded over and zigzagged stitched the raw edges. I thought about serging, but didn’t feel like changing the thread on my serger.

Total cost = $2.00

Time = < 15 minutes (outside of throwing vest in washing machine and waiting for it to dry).

Worn long

Worn long

Voila! New Purpose—a cashmere tube scarf perfect for a cold Colorado winter.

And since it’s a little cool tonight, may have to wear when I go out to dinner!

Wrapped twice around neck

Wrapped twice around neck


4 responses to “Cashmere tube scarf from repurposed man’s sweater vest

  1. amazing idea. i would have necer though of it. can you please email me more detailed instruction… Im a little slow with written instruction 🙂 thanks!!

  2. GREAT idea! I’m in CO too and HATE our moths who wreak havoc on my cashmere. Even though I keep it in a cedar chest I have several pieces that I’m looking to do something with. Can’t wait to try it and would love to hear of other ideas you have to repurpose my cashmere! 🙂

  3. Jennifer, hi, I just created a throw pattern to repurpose cashmere and other lightweight wool. Check it out at

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